Drive and Forecourt Challenge

Late February saw an interesting challenge for the Glenco team.

The Bridge Farm Nurseries required a new section of access drive and forecourt in front of their offices and holding area. Apart from the worn and broken surface -there were no falls to clear the surface water and the existing surface was holding water after rain in multiple locations.

We took 50 spot levels with our laser and made a careful plan of the area. We calculated that if certain areas were planed down, including a concrete section of the existing forecourt, a small cross fall could be created to clear a section of the access drive to some existing drainage. We used a half metre planer, with a lorry to clear planings and a mechanical sweeper to clean the area. With the surface planed down and the crossfall achieved we enhanced the available falls with 6 tonnes of regulating before the allocated day to install the new hardwearing surface. Due to the extremely heavy anticipated usage of the surface with 8 wheeled 32 tonne delivery lorries, forklifts manoeuvring on the surface a heavy traffic from the rear holding area – we used a 10mm Stone Mastic Asphalt 40-45mm thick with polymodified binders to cope with the anticipated usage. The finished result made quite a transformation to the area which was aesthetically important for the shop entrance and the functionality of the new surface essential for the access drive to the main areas at the rear of the facility.

Quality was brought to the surface!

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