December Blog

December has seen Glenco busy working on industrial estates and commercial areas, repairing and reinstating heavy duty drainage channels, concrete reinstatements and tarmac repairs. The heavy duty drainage channels used on the Ridgeway Trading Estate in Iver were no longer available in the UK, being made by Stora who only had European outlets available for supply. The importance of matching drainage runs with the same sized channels is obviously imperative. We tracked down a supplier in the Irish Republic who were able to ship us the required channel without much lead time, allowing for a seamless installation.

The macadam structures in heavily trafficked areas require the strongest compacted courses to support the type of vehicles using them. We have installed 20-32mm dense bituminous road base macadam at 80-90mm depth. The surface course, which require the strongest available materials, we have used a 10mm Stone Mastic Asphalt SMA with polymodified binders. This type of surface course is designed to cure very rapidly and to resist slow and static turning by heavy commercial vehicles, making it ideal for the anticipated usage. Edges are then sealed with hot bitumen sealant to prevent water ingress to the reinstatements, thus enhancing the longevity of the repair.

As with all Glenco repairs, such attention to detail, will always ensure that ‘Quality is brought to the surface’!

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