April Blog

During April Glenco was occupied reconstructing an old garage area at Millers Court in Chiswick.
The works entailed excavation and replacing the sub base with an Mot type 3 sub base to levels and falls. Falls were enhanced with crossfalls to a new linear drainage system with a 25 tonne loading cast iron grating. Great attention was paid to ensuring adequate falls from the garages to the channel to ensure the garages would never flood!

The job was made more interesting by bands of Blockley clay paving bricks installed flush with the macadam surface course. The paving bricks formed an edging detail and also decorative bands through the entrance drive section. Pavers were laid on a concrete bed to levels and falls.

A new 12:1 semidry leanmix was installed as a base for the new surface and a 6mm Stone Mastic Asphalt Tuffdrive proprietary surface course with polymodified binders laid as the surface course.
As with any garage area static turning is often an issue during the summer when the new surface has been installed – the polymodified binders a re specifically designed to mitigate this issue as much as possible. As always we have endeavored to bring quality to the surface!

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